Beautiful Givers, Inc.


Beautiful Givers, Inc. employs change to individuals who are economically disadvantaged within our communities using innovation in mind. We do not require you to come to us... instead, we will travel to them. Our nation allocates endless amounts of money and resources in helping those in poorer countries and we are here to say that it is time we start looking in our own backyards for those in need!!

Services Offered

Promote change in our communities using innovative strategies. By influencing them to give back to those in need; such as homeless individuals, veterans and at-risk teens. This includes educating and helping individuals with hygiene, hair care treatments, transportation, food, and clothing programs, including job placement. Beautiful Givers Inc will be there to assess each individual's needs accordingly and is designed with reintegration of the mind.


Beautiful Givers Inc strives to offer a multitude of life-saving changes to those who desperately need our help! 

We are currently raising funds to purchase mobile units to further our impact.


With your donations our services are limitless! Help us impact the world and support our cause.